*** This sample contract is being used as an example only.
Highlander Siberians
reserves the right to change any and all items 
used in this example at any time.

Highlander Siberians Stud Service Agreement

Siberian Husky males at Highlander are available only to approved bitches by private treaty. 
No, we are not trying to be elitist or discriminate. We are, however, trying to ensure that 
all puppies sired by our males are as healthy as can possibly be ensured. 

So, what is an "approved" bitch?
  1.  She is of a quality that, in our opinion, would 
      have a reasonable likelihood of winning in 
      conformation competition.  She may also be a bitch
      shown in the performance venues that has outstanding
      structure and no disqualifying faults.
  2.  She was not sold by her breeder on a "spay/neuter" 
      contract, AKC Limited registration or any similar terms.
  3.  If over 2 years of age, she has had her hips evaluated
      by OFA or Pennhip.  If under 2, she has either had
      her hips preliminary evaluation or both her parents
      are OFA Good or better.  Please note, bitches under a year
      are never bred by us.  The breeding of bitches over a year
      but under two is agreed to only after screening the bitch 
      and her owner to determine the maturity of the bitch.  Again,
      this is for the safety of the bitch and potential puppies.
  4.  All bitches over two years of age must have had their eyes 
      certified "normal" by a board certified ophthalmologist
      within one year of the time the bitch is sent to be bred.  
      If the bitch is under two years of age, the bitch must have
      an eye examination within 6 months.  These examinations must
      be issued by a licensed Canine Ophthalmologist.  There will
  5.  All bitches must have a negative brucellosis test.  The
      attending veterinarian's original certificate stating the
      bitch's test is negative MUST accompany her when she is sent 
      here, or mailed prior to her arrival.  I will accept NO
      brucellosis test done earlier than 15 days prior to the bitch's
      season.  If my vet must perform the brucellosis test, the charge
      is $50.00. 
  6.  One living puppy constitute a litter.  
  7.  If the bitch does not conceive on her first time here, I will 
      repeat the stud service for free, plus an additional $100.00.  
      This is to cover airport expenses round trip.  
  8.  If the bitch does not conceive after two visits, and there has 
      been at least one tie each trip, there may be no further 
      repeat services and no money refunded.  Stud fees are not  
      transferable to different bitches owned by the same person
      UNLESS arrangements are made with me prior to any stud service.
  9.  The bitch's owner is financially responsible for any accidental 
      damage done to our property.  Two separate estimates of any 
      damage will be supplied to the owner of the bitch.  
 10.  STUD FEE MUST ACCOMPANY all bitches on or prior to their arrival, 
      unless other arrangements are made with me.
 11. Siberian Husky bitches must be registered with the AKC, CKC
      or an international kennel club.  
 12. Puppies resulting from this breeding cannot be sold to another country, 
      UNLESS arrangements are made with me prior to any stud service
      nor can the bitch bred to the named stud dog on this contract be sold 
      in whelp to any other person.
Other terms include: 1. all pet quality puppies will be sold on a 
spay/neuter contract.2. No puppies will be sold to pet stores, 
puppy mills or brokers nor given to the Humane Society or dog pound.
I, the undersigned Bitch Owner have read, understand and agree to all
the terms and conditions set forth in this contract. I understand this
contract is enforceable under current American Kennel Club rules regarding
Contracts and Registration Matters. If either party is forced to take 
legal action to enforce any part of this contract, action shall be in 
the county of the Stud Dog Owner's residence.  Any legal fees and court
cost shall be the responsibility of the party found to be at fault. 
Bitch Owner's Signature: ______________________________Date:______________________
Bitch Owner's Name (Printed): ____________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City:_________________________________ State:___________ Zip Code: ______________
Phone: _________________________________ 
STUD DOG, ________________________________________STUD FEE _________________ 
Terms of payment are: ______________________________________________ 
Bitch's Name. _______________________________ Registration #______________________ 
Stud Dog Owner's Signature: ___________________________Date: ______________________
Bitch was bred on the following date(s): _________________________________ 
Brian & Anne Palmer, 7559 Zeeb Road, Dexter, MI 48130 (734) 426-5917
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